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Did you get notified already? If not - stay tuned, or update manually! #Nextcloud 14.0.1 is available now with over a dozen bugfixes and improvements. Time to get the lastest and greatest in #selfhosted #privacy protected file sync and collaboration!

The roll-out is step-by-step.
Every week 20 % of installations get a signal to update

Fake news! ?
It takes some time until everyone gets the update notice. You can switch the channel to beta (or something else), reload the page and switch back to stable. After a few minutes you should see the update.
If it doesn't work you can update from command line.
cd /to/nextcloud
php updater/updater.phar

Ja, habe ich mit @Malte mal getestet.
Ging über Tablett und Desktop. Allerdings war es seeeehr tricky und ist derzeit noch nicht für den Produktiveinsatz geeignet.

Von Computer zu Computer läufts ganz gut im Browser.

I have to wait for the packages to be updated in the Archlinux repos, but they're generally pretty quick about it. I'm on 14.0.0 right now.

My Nextcloud Talk has been working pretty well so far