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This caught my attention when I was browsing the Leipzig area. I assume it means mining, but why did they do that?

!Friendicatreffen 2018
These sign is made of bushes in the former miningarea. It's the sign of miners.
Miners have this sign on there cars too.
If the miners is retired, the hammerheads are shown down. Also former mines where marked hammerhead down.

The highway is created on mining land and expensiv as hell.
I thought it could be a warning for airplanes, but it doesn't make much sense, so I was wondering if there was any other specific goal for making such a sky-visible pattern.
You should now, it's the downwind approach for our airport LEJ / EDDP.
Passengers and pilots con see it.
Oh, then just guild pride, I suppose. They did it because they could.