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I am not #newhere, but what are some interesting #hashtags to follow?

#help #question

Picking hashtags is tough. They tend to have 1,000 posts or 0.

#privacy is active tag if you are interested in it.


A bit of a work in progress, though.

idk, i just search for ones of things i find interesting upon moment of inspiration, and follow it whether or not there's interesting things there yet. n now my stream's always full of too many interesting things.

I struggle with them too.

Hi welcome to the club!

@utzer It depends on your interests. If you want to know what's the most popular tags, you can follow #tendance. I regularly post #tag usage trends.

Just looking for some interesting tags, #tendance seems to be one.

lol at those saying welcome. tl;dr ? XD

@Andreas vom Zwenkauer See ich hab das jetzt mal abonniert, mal sehen was auf dem Tag los ist wenn der übers Relay hier eintrifft.