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Another secure privacy phone is coming: Centinel.

Centinel has developed a groundbreaking solution that guarantees user privacy. Feel completely safe from unwanted GPS tracking, speech recognition, disguised audio recordings, spying by camera, or anything else that you wouldn’t want to share without your consent.

Physical switch to turn all you want off.

Equipped with googleless vanilla Android. Minimized radiation levels – healthier phone usage.


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looks nice but it's a pity about the rf fearmongering

Looks like it is only a matter on time to have all open hardware / software devices around, on every shop. For obvious reasons.

Good to see that privacy is becoming a magnet for investment ... we'll see how many of these solutions become successful.

couldn't find more than a flashy website which seems to suggest it's currently just an idea.

Domain seems registered late October last year, and I think developing a phone takes a bit longer... Which is fine, they have to start somewhere and they may very well be a serious business.

However, their website pulls in Google Fonts, Google Tag Manager, and stuff from (who also seem to use Google analytics). So much for being "googleless" or "...guarantees privacy by providing an easy way to stop unwanted tracking and surveillance applications".

Why should I trust the phone if their site breaks my privacy?

If the device and the whole project are already getting started, i reckon also the website and its politics are too?

There's no need to be shocked! :-)
Good detection of those trackers and I noticed their ssl certificate has validation problems. Another Finnish 'privacy' phone, Necunos, have already launched their product and their website was cleaner. This one as you say uses GA -- without the anonymization feature enabled, so user details go back to Google.

It is very difficult for developers to produce much on Android without being 'encouraged' to use Google's SDKs and the google/facebook/linkedin/twitter tracking widgets and plug-ins checking script that also loads are probably evils the site must endure in order to spread the word about its impending product. Still, it could just be vaporware and the site is just collecting data to sell on. We shall see. :~)

Necunos NC_1 First Batch has ended. Stay tuned for the second one!

Yes, at 1200 euros each I wonder how many is in a 'batch'. Still not sure if #necunos is vaporware either. Certainly no one on the federation seems to have actually bought one.

A press release from Jan 3 says the batch size was 500 phones. Shipping in March, according to the press release and a blog post about FOSDEM from Feb 7.

The only mention of necunos I could find at was an invitation-only "Information Security for Journalists" session in the fringe category.

There is an FAQ, other than that information on the device is a bit scarce. It seems it is not a mobile phone, instead it connects via wifi (and possible wired ethernet?).

In April, maybe some of those 500 devices have ended up in the hands of someone who can confirm it's real and/or write a trustworthy review.

Sorry for sounding so pessimistic, but I think any project like this will suffer from lack of credibility until they have proven themselves. Especially given the many previous, failed attempts to build an open phone. You can't just e... show more